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Professional Youth Coach Certification

PYCC brings together The Brand X Method’s most significant elements and then elaborates on the theory and practice behind our proven techniques for teaching movement, enhancing physical literacy, and developing enduring athleticism in children. The course then adds in tremendous new content as well as new instructor content from James Fitzgerald, Jim Crowell, and Matt Hersh to help you set yourself apart as a successful and professional youth fitness coach. This course is designed to put trainers on track to become professional youth coaches with a comprehensive exploration of a variety of topics that apply to youth in today’s world.
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Basic Youth Coach Certification Course

Basic Youth Trainer Certification Course

Here is where you begin your journey to becoming an industry leading trainer. This self-paced online course introduces the fundamentals of youth training, beginning with lectures on human adaptations, the science of learning, and teaching methods before moving into TBXM™ essentials related to our methodology, class structures, youth nutrition education, and, of course, movement and cueing. After completing this course, you will possess the fundamental tools to start training kids and teens.
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Advanced Youth Coach Certification Course

Advanced Youth Trainer Certification Course

Following your Basic Certification, our advanced course is the next step to accelerating your education and career. Lectures provide deeper insights into our philosophy and methodology with lessons in physical literacy, the importance of play, positive coaching techniques, the art and craft of programming, early sports specialization and injury prevention, and advanced movement cuing and progressions. Available online at your own pace or live with our world-renowned seminar staff, the advanced course expands your knowledge base and adds to your coaching toolbox, taking your youth training program to the next level.
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