Basic Youth Trainer Certification Course – The Brand X Method

Basic Youth Trainer Certification Course


Why Enroll in This Course

  • Begin or enhance your coaching educational journey
  • Expand and enrich your youth program offerings
  • Distinguish yourself and your program in a crowded industry
  • Generate energy in your facility with an exciting new population
  • Open a new revenue stream
  • Positively impact kids and teens who become clients for life
  • Become a better coach
  • Join a community of likeminded and passionate coaches and trailblazers with a drive for continuing education in the field of youth athletic development

Learning Objectives

Introduce fundamentals of youth training:
  • Human adaptations
  • Science of learning
  • Teaching method
Present the essentials of TBXM™:
  • Methodological foundations
  • Class structures
  • Teaching nutrition basics
  • Movement and cueing
Discuss general child safety issues:
  • Environmental and equipment safeguard
  • Predation awareness and response


$399 USD

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Currently the course is offered in English only.


A TBXM™ Basic Youth Coach Certification will be issued after successfully passing the test.

Maintenance of Certification

Official MOC Program launching in 2019!

Do I Need a Background Check?

Not to take the course. However, a background check is required to become a TBXM™ Training Center.

Can I use this certification to obtain facility insurance?

Yes! This course meets insurance requirements for youth training programs.

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