August 2022 Teen Workout Week #2 – The Brand X Method

August 2022 Teen Workout Week #2


August 2022 Teen Workout Week #2

Warm up
5 second handstand hold
5 m handstand walk
5 second handstand hold
Roll out
10 m Bear crawl
Run 100 m Fwd
Run 100 m Bckwd
10 blocked side to side hops
10 blocked front to back hops
5 dogeball throws dominate hand
5 dodgeball throws weak hand
5 pull ups or 3 negatives

For 5-8:00
Overhand medball throw for distance (Use a light med ball, discuss Kurbet action)
Jog to ball
10 Tempo air squats

Bear Crawl Wall
“Last Man Standing” Verison
Mark off an area 20 m long
Using jump boxes stacked laterally end to end create a wall at 10 M
Kids start behind line on one side
On “GO” kids bear crawl to the boxes, go over the boxes however they want and bear
crawl to the the far line
This counts as one lap
On the first minute do one lap
On the second minute do two laps
On the third minute do three laps
Until they do not make the time
Max perfect push ups
10 pendulums

Couch stretch
Chest stretch