August 2022 Kids Workout Week #3 – The Brand X Method

August 2022 Kids Workout Week #3


August 2022 Kids Workout Week #3

For 5 minutes
Plank 30 seconds
Immediately from Plank Sprint 10 meters/30 feet
4 Planked Cross Body Pass throughs, with a Lacrosse or tennis ball

Get Ready:
1 minute BOS – relaxed at bottom pushing on knees with elbows
1 minute Childs Pose
1 minute BOS – wiggling hips around but staying low

Movement Practice
Review the Hinge and the Waiting in the Outfield position,
as it applies to the Hang Power Clean, practice only the knee dip – WIO position 2 at
mid thigh- and the pull with long arms, squeezing shoulder blades together (DipSqueeze portion of the clean) Remind class of the difference between squeezing
shoulders together and shrugging up. Building on this, demo on Front Squat from all
angles, review grab ears and drop thumbs to shoulders ( “lasers” are fine from this start
position*) and practice 5 unloaded Front Squats. Now practice the Drop -Stand
sequence, by dropping to the Front Squat and standing tall. Next combine Dip Squeeze
with Drop Stand.
*We have found that grab ears and drop thumbs to shoulders creates less
internal rotation in the rack position than using “lasers” cue alone.

Work- Play
15 Tempo Front Squats on coaches count 1-3 down, 1-3 up
15 HPC dodgeball to 6# softstyle mini med ball
15-Presses (markers – 8# db)
15-Hinge over bench to DL KB (4-8kg)
Run 50 meters

Play “Crazy Kickball using dodgeballs”
In this kickball game everything is quite chaotic. In a normal game you would run to first,
second then third base and then home. But in crazy kickball the order is different.
Players need to get to first base, then third, then second and all the way across to home
base. Each team gets six outs in Crazy Kickball and any taken pitch is counted as an
out. Since you need to travel a greater distance between bases, each team can have up
to five players on a single base at a time