August 2021 Kids Workout #3 – The Brand X Method

August 2021 Kids Workout #3


August 2021 Kids Workout #3

For 5 minutes:
Paralette Pass through to plank, reverse plank
10 meters/30 feet High Knee Skip

Get Ready
1 minute each side- Couch stretch at the wall

Movement Practice
Practice Hinge positions Waiting in the Outfield 1-3 then to box/plate stack* with calves
touching the box throughout the movement- Concentrate on engagement throughout
(Muscles On)
box/plate stack height at crease of knee


Work- Play Partners, alternate (i.e. Partner A 5 Box Squats, Partner B 5 Box Squats, Partner A 5 Burpees, Partner B 5 Burpees, Partner A 5 Box Step Up, Partner B 5 Box Step Up) 2x 5 minutes: 5 Box Squats ( box/plate stack height at crease of knee)
5 Burpees 5 Box Step Up
1 minute:
Partners do this section simultaneously
Push Ups or Explosive Push Ups
Total 12 minutes

Set up two “lanes” 1 meter/3 feet wide by 8 meters/24 feet long.
Teams compete to knock over two abmats- arranged leaning together to form the top section of
an equilateral triangle at the end of each lane, by rolling a medicine ball 4-6#. Whenever a team
knocks the abmats over all players do a “victory lap” (running, skipping, bear crawling) around
both lanes, before play resumes