August 2021 Kids Workout #2 – The Brand X Method

August 2021 Kids Workout #2


August 2021 Kids Workout #2

For 5 minutes:
Lateral Plank walk 10 meters/30 feet
5 -10 Dead Bugs

Get Ready
1 minute Downward Dog
1 minute Bottom of the Squat

Movement Practice
Chalked Calf Box Squats, using colored sidewalk chalk apply quarter size dots to both
legs at rear mid calf, and have each child squat to a box/plate stack that is at their
individual back of knee height. Each student is attempting to leave visible contact chalk
marks on the box by staying engaged (Strong Tree, Muscles on) and using Footprint in
the sand to control position.

Work- Play
4 minutes:
5 Blocked Squat
5 Box Squat
10 Box Hurdles
1 minute:
(Using “lanes” if possible) Roll 4-10# Medicine Ball (any way) 10 meters/30 feet, run to it, roll back and repeat
Total 10 minutes

Play Skipping Rocks
Set up three flat cones, 1 meter apart and varying distance from a wall (2m, 3m, 4m)
with tennis or lacrosse balls staged on top. Place an overturned box or bucket on its
side centrally along the wall to be used as a target. Students line up to take turns
throwing and skipping each “rock” to the bucket, they must do this from a solid plank
position and move to each consecutive throw position by side shuffling in the plankmoving laterally.
Coaches may need to help with orientation to the wall prior to first throw- player should
be parallel relative to the wall, rather than perpendicular.