August 2021 Kids workout #1 – The Brand X Method

August 2021 Kids workout #1


August 2021 Kids workout #1

For 5 minutes:
Log Rolls 5 meters/15 feet
10 grasshoppers
5 Hollow Holds or progressions
Get Ready
1 minute Child’s Pose
1 minute Triangle against the Wall each side

Movement Practice
Rolling different size balls to a hula hoop, chalk or rope circle
Using as many types and sizes as are available i.e. large physio balls, a variety of
medicine balls, la crosse, playground, pinky and tennis balls, direct students to roll balls
to the target. Ask players to rotate type of ball used upon each attempt. Talk them
through the type of movement, effort and velocity change according to respective size
and weight.

Work- PlayFor 10-12 minutes:
5 Push-ups
10 Mountain Climbers
15 Grasshoppers
(Using a separate arranged as a “lane” if possible)
1 5-10 meter/15-30 feet Medicine Ball Roll to knock over target (foam roller, small cone,
empty box, etc) using a 4-6# Medicine Ball

Climb Mat Mountain
Create a Mountain of equipment that kids can climb (safely)
Using crash mats, bumper plates, abmats, sandbags, soft style medicine balls,
One at a time ask kids to climb up and over the mountain for time.
Leave a few minutes to discuss the variety strategies used