August 2020 Kids workout #4 – The Brand X Method

August 2020 Kids workout #4


August 2020 Kids workout #4


Balance walk with Abmats on heads 1m

Switch to Pizza Delivery game

You will need enough AbMats or similarly shaped objects for each child. Using a large open play area, provide each player an AbMat or similar object to balance overhead in a waiter’s carry as if holding a pizza. On “go,” the kids must try to knock the other kids’ pizzas out of their hands without losing their own pizzas. Note: kids may not pin “pizza” against the body or with the other hand. Last kid standing with his or her pizza wins the round.

Get Ready

BOS Dance Party 

Using music, have kids line up shoulder to shoulder in the bottom of the squat, ask one child at a time to lead the dance party, where for 30 seconds the leader will dance in the bottom of the squat position and everyone else will mirror the leaders movement. 

*Reinforces Physical Literacy Skills mirroring and rhythm


Movement Practice

Review Hillbilly Prowler push position, using Strong tree while pushing and body position relative to box. Rotate each athlete to practice a 10 m push


Work- Play

For 10 minutes

1 Hillbilly Box prowler push 10m

10 Box squats

10 Crushers at the wall

10 Floppies


Play “Safe While Moving”

This game will reinforce the basic concept that movement is safer than lack of movement. In the original version we used jump boxes; however, many other movements or exercises can be used, such as blocked squats, DSDS, hurdle hops, push-ups, frog stands, etc. Within an area of at least 10 meters x 10 meters, play a traditional game of tag with trainer/teacher selecting the first player to be “It.” All other players run from “It” to avoid being tagged and will attempt to complete up to 3 reps of the designated movement at any cone. Players must leave the cone after 1-3 reps. Players may not be tagged while completing the ROM for the exercise. Place the cones at least 4 feet apart from each other. Discuss with the players that movement pace must be normal and stalling or stopping does not make them immune from tagging.