August 2020 Kids workout #3 – The Brand X Method

August 2020 Kids workout #3


August 2020 Kids workout #3


5 minutes

10 m Inchworm * starting from standing place hands on feet, walk hands to full plank, then walk feet using at least four steps- all the way to hands-hands do not move again until feet touch hands

10 m run back

Get Ready

2 m BOS


Movement Practice

Review Movement Skills- Strong Tree, Footprint in the sand and Waiting In the Outfield

On coaches count do 10 air squats, pausing and freezing for 30 seconds when coach dictates on 5 of those squats. Coach walk around and give cues to each individual during pause, then repeat with Front squat.


Work- Play


5 minutes

10 m Walking Lunge

10 m Broad Jump back

5 Push ups

1 minute

Single leg hops


Play Food Fight

Food Fight is a game played with soft objects ( mini gatorskin dodgeballs are perfect) around a 6’x12’ “virtual table” on the floor made of rope, chalk lines, broomsticks or pvc. “Seats” at the table are one per 6’ length. “Food” can be anything super soft, zipperless small pillows, bean bags, plastic wrapped paper towel balls, about 15-20 pieces is a good place to start. Starting from a “seat” upon “Go” players complete a given exercise (i.e.10 jumping jacks) and then can throw “food”.

Food must cross over the table (cannot be thrown directly at a player without crossing the table)

Players may not stand on the table

Play stops once all food has been thrown

Reset table, choose a second exercise and repeat