April 2022 Teen Workout #4 – The Brand X Method

April 2022 Teen Workout #4


April 2022 Teen Workout #4

5:00 of mobility (Before Class)
The Brand X Warm up
5:00 movement and mobility (Example)
30 seconds BOS followed by 6 BOS w/lateral movement
Pay attention to feet placement and ankle, knee relationship

2-3 x 8 (Tempo 32X1)
(Rookie 7 x 3, JV 5 x 3) 3 broad jumps after every set
Accessory work
Front rack weighted walking lunges
3 x 10

JV 3 x 10 DB walking lunges I(DB’s held at shoulders) Rookies 3 x 12-15 walking lunges

3 x 3:00 AMRAPs
3 front squats (heavy)
9 burpees
15 double unders
2:00 rest between rounds/begin where you left off in the last work period

Varsity, front squats are heavy and cleaned from the floor. Practice receiving into a
perfect bottom of the front squat. The front squat cannot be a skill transfer for the
clean if the boots of the receiving position looks nothing like the receiving position of
the clean.

JV use a lighter bar and practice perfect squats.

Rookies, use DB and tempo the squats
Practice handstand holds

Quad smash
Couch stretch
Athlete’s choice