April 2022 Teen Workout #2 – The Brand X Method

April 2022 Teen Workout #2


April 2022 Teen Workout #2

3x or 6:00 minutes
Warm up
Crab walk 10 m square
Bear crawl 10 m square
Run 10 m
Run 10 m Side shuffle left
Run 10 m Side shuffle right
Run Backwards to start point

5:00 mobility
10 box step up to side and over
10 knees to elbows

Practice the hang clean movement unloaded. Review the video to see a class working
unloaded on clean and jerk positions.
Work position and positional consistency. One way to do this is by the numbers:

  1. Feet in start position, neutralize hip/spine/head, brace (where you start)
  2. Hinge hips, slight bend to knees, hands brought to mid thighs (check back position,
    bracing etc)
  3. Open hips, pinch shoulder blades etc.
  4. Receiving position (check feet position, hip and bracing)
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    AMRAP in 12:00
    3 heavy hang power cleans
    10 box jumps
    200 m shuttle run (25 m legs)
  • Give the kids permission to slow down and take their time to do great cleans. Sl;owing
    down can involve closing their eyes and visualizing doing a great clean, breathing
    exercises etc.
  • Rookies increase clean reps to 9, use dumbbells so they can work on the movement
    of the clean without the concern about bar path
  • JV increase clean reps to 6, use a light bar.
    Couch stretch