April 2022 Kids Workout #3 – The Brand X Method

April 2022 Kids Workout #3


April 2022 Kids Workout #3

With a partner facing each other and mirroring:
Max Standing Flamingo pose
30 second 3 point Plank Hold
Get Ready
1 minute Walking Knee Hugs
1 minute Rolling Knee Hugs
1 minute 90- 90 pigeon stretch each side

Movement Practice
Air Squat- Coach demo 5 slow air squats, exemplifying (without saying) Footprint in the
Sand, Muscles On and Strong Tree Movement Skills™.
Have the class volunteer to answer which Movement Skills are most needed for the air
squat. Discuss and guide to the 3 mentioned above as primary. As a group do 2 x 10
Super Slow air squats, focusing on the above Movement Skills™.
Today, move to boxes to practice 5 more box facing air squats and shoot for no more
than toes 3” away from the box.

Work- Play
For 12 minutes:
15 Box facing, toes touching or within 3” of the box, Synced Squats with a partner
10 Box Jump Overs, partners alternate 1 jump at a time for a total of 5 each

Play “Follow the Spartan Leader”
play in pairs, going two at a time- one leader and one follower attempting to mirror (use opposite limbs) each movement of the leader Run a practice and demonstrate this to
make sure everyone knows what they are trying to accomplish, ask leaders to move at
a medium pace. Mirroring can simply be leader holds up right hand while running or
crosses right arm over torso and follower does the same with the left.
Create an obstacle course with 6-8 features, such as balance beam walk, crawl under
or jump over obstacles like benches, a cone course with 6-12 cones scattered, a pile of
gymnastic mats, a wall, a slide if you can create one, hula hoops, boxes to jump step or
run around, speed ladders, etc. Each child navigates the course as the rest of the class
watches. No direction is given on how to navigate, it is up to each child to create their
own movement solutions. Once the leader has gone everyone else goes one at a time
and tries to replicate what the “Spartan Leader” did. Play continues with each child as
“Spartan Leader” and creating their own navigation through the course.