April 2022 Kids Workout #2 – The Brand X Method

April 2022 Kids Workout #2


April 2022 Kids Workout #2

Spin 360 degrees,
3 burpees, 6 blocked squats, 9 single leg hops
Then 12 heel to toe steps in a straight line

Get Ready
Bottom of the Squat Dance Party
With music playing, have kids line up shoulder to shoulder in the bottom of the squat,
ask one child at a time to lead the dance party, where for 30 seconds the leader will
face the group and dance in the bottom of the squat position, everyone else will try to
mirror the leader’s movement.
*Reinforces both mirroring and rhythm while mobilizing

Movement Practice
Hinge review, review Movement Skills™ Waiting in the outfield- positions 1-3, Strong
Tree, and Muscles On. Demonstrate a proper hinge applying these Movement Skills.
Have each child hinge over a bench and do 3 slow kb deadlifts (Dodgeball to 4-12 kg)
Assign weight for Work Play according to individual ability to maintain good positional

Work Play
For 8-12 minutes as a group or (Group A 8 minutes, Group B 12 minutes)
3 Kettlebell DL at a bench (use dodgeball, or 4-12kg kb)
6 Pendulums (bodyweight only) each leg
12 Air Squats
50 meter/ 150 foot Run

Play “Earn It”
Draw bodyweight exercise targets (burpees, tuck jumps, squats) on a whiteboard or the
asphalt outside and set a cone 6 feet away. Two good, blocked squats earn a dart throw
(Zartz Dart or lawn dart). Have kids line up to take turns “earning “a dart throw to the
targets. If no target is hit, player returns to the end of the line. If an exercise is hit the
players in line must all do 3 reps of the exercise. The “Earn It” concept can be applied to
any high-value prop. Kids are motivated to work hard for the prop (100-meter sprint, 10
burpees earns 1 x where x may be a water balloon throw, 30-second pogo stick ride, a
throw with a Super Bouncy ball, etc.)