April 2022 Kids Workout #1 – The Brand X Method

April 2022 Kids Workout #1


April 2022 Kids Workout #1

For 5 minutes
High Knee skip 10 meters/30 feet and freeze/pause with one leg Knee high,
Do 3 Airplane touches from this position then
Return to start upon coaches call and repeat.

Get Ready
1 minute Bottom of the Squat
1 minute Sampson Stretch each side

Movement Practice
Coaches note to stage a box at an appropriate height for all athletes and a light implement for goblet squat
After a quick review and demonstration of Strong Tree, Footprint in the sand and
Muscles On Movement Skills™, have the class do 5 controlled reps of each of the
following upon coaches count:
Blocked Squat, Box Squat, Air Squat, Goblet squat.
Ask students to discuss similarities in each and differences. Which type of squat do they
feel the strongest in? Optional- Let them write those on the board with their name.

Work -Play
For 10 minutes:
10 side to side Hops, feet together
5 Blocked Squats
10 Single Leg Hops each foot
5 Box Squats/or Plate stack Squats
*box should be no higher than the crease at the back of students’ knees
10 Running Leaps
5 Goblet Squats (dodgeball-8# Dumbbell)

Play Stinky Feets
Review grab (yes) vs. scoop (no). With a central bucket, scatter at least two socks per child
around the playing floor. Upon go- shoeless players begin from any point in a circle about 5m
away from the central bucket and hop on one leg to grab socks with the non-hopping foot to
retrieve and deliver socks to the bucket by using only one-legged hops. Legs and feet (hopping
or grabbing) may be switched only at the bucket.
Alternately, play can also be arranged as team races, to separate buckets using one
sock per team.