April 2020 KIDS At Home Workout #1 – The Brand X Method

April 2020 KIDS At Home Workout #1


April 2020 KIDS At Home Workout #1



Spin, Jump and Run

Complete two full spins, and two broad jumps, pause upon landing to check position

(knee directly over ankle) Run 50-100m


1 m each arm threaded shoulder from all fours

1m each arm cross body arm stretch


Practice 6 slow grasshoppers, from a solid plank with shoulders, hips, knees and ankles in a straight line, one leg at a time crossing under the torso and getting the foot as close to opposite hand as possible


For 8 -10 minutes

5 max hang from a low but sturdy tree branch, monkey bars, or apull up station

5 Push ups

5 Grasshoppers

Climb up a tree, over or under something- ie under a table or bench, over a bench, low wall or tree stump


See how long you can walk around with good posture and a stack of paper plates, or small pillow on your head, Challenge the rest of the family.