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Jeff Martin

Jeff Martin


Jeff brings over 30 years of coaching experience to Brand X, which he owns and operates with his wife Mikki Martin. He logged scores of hours attending and working at various CrossFit training and specialty seminars, including the Level One Certificate Course, and the Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, basic barbell, gymnastics, endurance, mobility, nutrition, and CrossPIT seminars. Jeff holds the distinction of being one of a handful of trainers in the world to have been accorded the official title of CrossFit Coach.

He made numerous contributions to CrossFit, and the program took an evolutionary step forward when Jeff devised the scaling that made the WODs accessible to everyone of any level of conditioning or experience. Jeff also designed the widely used CrossFit Strength Bias programming template, which directly challenges the oft-heard assertion that one needs to train outside of CrossFit to build strength. Further, Jeff’s reputation for understanding and teaching virtuosity of movement made him the obvious choice for Head Judge at the CrossFit Games Southern California Regional Qualifiers, 2009-2011.

Perhaps most significant was his chief role in the 2004 founding and decade-long development of the international CrossFit Kids program. This included the original creation and role in continued content development of the CrossFit Kids Trainer Course. In 2011, he was named Director of Youth Training for CrossFit Inc.

In late 2014, Jeff and Mikki launched the Brand X Method™, which is the culmination of more than a decade of experience as head strength-and-conditioning coaches and heralds the next stage in functional fitness for all ages. The Brand X Method™ includes Brand X Kids, which continues to advance kids’ training, and the Brand X Method™ Teen Gauntlet, which debuted in exhibition form at the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games and has since grown into a biannual multisite international teen fitness competition. Jeff handles all of the programming for the Brand X Method™’s adult and teens programs and is also Executive Producer of the Brand X Method™ Teen Gauntlet. In addition, along with Mikki, he is developing the content for the Brand X Method™ Youth Training Seminar Series, which will be taught at Brand X and select venues internationally.

At the beginning of 2015, the Martins ended their association with CrossFit Kids and committed all resources to the expansion of the Brand X Method™ in the form of the Brand X Method™ Youth Training Seminar Series, other professional development services, and Brand X Method™ Training Centers.

Jeff is a USAW Club Coach and USAW Sports and Conditioning Coach. Jeff played collegiate water polo and coached that sport early in his career. He is a fifth-degree Kenpo karate black belt and has attained the level of sifu (teacher or master). He is also a KMNTC-certified Krav Maga instructor.