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Dan Strametz

Dan Strametz


Dan has worked with Brand X since its humble beginnings as a small self-defense studio, but he has been training and teaching adults and kids for three decades. He is Brand X’s senior trainer, the Brand X Method™ Teen Gauntlet competition director, and a member of the Brand X Method Seminar staff. He holds certifications in the TBXM™ Online Basic Kids Certificate Program, TBXM™ Advanced Kids Course, and TBXM™ Teen Weight Lifting Course. He is an instructor for the TBXM™ Teen Weight Lifting Course. When Dan is not instructing classes at Brand X, he can be found at the middle school where he runs an afterschool program using the Brand X Method.

Dan has spent the majority of his life immersed in the martial arts and brings that profound experience to his running of Brand X’s Unbullyable™ reality-based self-defense program, which includes adult and kids Kenpo karate, Krav Maga, the Brand X Fight Club kickboxing and boxing,  and safety and self-defense seminars for women and children.

He is a fifth-degree Kenpo black belt and has earned the distinction of Sifu. In addition, he is a KMNTC-certified Krav Maga instructor and is a certified Personal Defense Readiness coach, which is based on Tony Blauer’s SPEAR system. In addition to having earned CrossFit Level 1 and CrossFit Kids Trainer Certificates, Dan has attended many specialty seminars in related subjects.

Dan Strametz is no longer associated with CrossFit Inc. and CrossFit Kids