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Dan Edelman

Dan Edelman


Dan began his fitness journey in 1978 with his uncle’s cast-off weight set and Arnold as his role model. His reeducation began in 2007 when he discovered Brand X.

With almost 20 years as a professional editor, Dan ensures the clarity of the communication, educational, and publication efforts of the Brand X Method™. He assists in the logistics and marketing sides of the Brand X Method Teen Gauntlet and is a member of the Brand X Method Seminar staff. He holds certifications for the TBXM™ Online Basic Kids Certificate Program, TBXM™ Advanced Kids Course, and TBXM™ Teen Weight Lifting Course. As a trainer, his focus is on training teens and adults. He has taken a special interest in long-term athletic development and the place of the Brand X Method in the youth sports system.

He is a USAW Sports Performance Coach Level 1. He also earned CrossFit Level 1 and CrossFit Kids Trainer Certificates in 2010 and a CrossFit Level 2 Certificate in 2012, and he holds certificates for a number of CrossFit specialty courses.

Dan Edelman is no longer associated with CrossFit Inc. and CrossFit Kids