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Brand X Ramona is the flagship Brand X Method Training Center. The gym has existed since 1999 when it began offering Kenpo karate and reality-based self-defense. In 2004, Brand X affiliated with CrossFit and began offering classes. That same year, Jeff and Mikki Martin were asked by CrossFit founder Greg Glassman to create a turnkey program for kids, making Brand X the birthplace of CrossFit Kids as well as The Brand X Method™. After spending a decade developing CrossFit Kids into an international program available in thousands of gyms and schools, in 2014, the Martins disassociated from the CrossFit Inc. to devote all of their resources to building The Brand X Method into the premier fitness program for kids and teens, as well as adults.


At Brand X we are always looking to do what is best for our clients. This translates into prioritizing client safety and encouraging all clients to set and meet personal goals related to their fitness and well-being. Our staff members volunteer as much as they do to ensure that we have multiple trainers on hand at nearly every class providing the personal training feel you expect. We have spent more than a decade refining our program so that it is accessible to all ages and abilities. Ultimately, the training at Brand X will not only make you and your family fitter but also better prepared to take on life’s challenges.

Brand X – making people better

The Brand X Method™ – making better people


Success Stories


My journey at Brand X began in August of 2012. My goal was to get in shape and to set a good example of a healthy lifestyle for my children. Today, 15 months later I am 35lbs lighter, healthier, more confident and stronger than I ever could have expected. I owe it all to Brand X.

None of this would have been possible without the amazing trainers. If it wasn’t for them believing in me and pushing me to take that extra step I wouldn’t be where I am today.

More importantly I have to thank Jeff and Mikki for welcoming both of my children to be a part of this entire experience with me. Having them watch all of my hard work day in and day out and getting to see their mom become healthy means the world to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Brand x is more than just a gym or a place to work out; for my family it is also a place where we can come together with other people who want to make all areas of their life better. Not just the physical, mental, and diet aspects – but also friendships, families, and the overall enjoyment of life.


Why do I love doing Brand X? Experts. The trainers at Brand X are second to none in their expertise in all phases, from the Olympic lifts to the gymnastics. And they are very good at passing that expertise on to their clients, whether the client has never stepped into a gym in their life or have been involved in athletics for 40 years.

I’m 48 years old and the last time I felt this good was freshman year of college. And I’m pretty sure 48 year old me could kick 19 year old me’s butt.


I have been working out at Brand X for nearly four years. I am 52 years old and I can honestly say that I have never been stronger or more fit than I am right now. That is not to say that before started I didn’t exercise. I did. I ran marathons, completed a handful of triathlons and did some occasional weight training. I now realize, however, that I was maintaining a level of fitness that was not only falling short of my potential, but was also lacking in some basic and crucial mechanics for long term health and mobility. The level of training and coaching I receive at Brand X is truly beyond compare. The best part is that I don’t have to think about it. The programming is carefully laid out for me. Professional trainers with several years of experience create the workouts for optimal success and safety.

My husband and children also workout at Brand X. CF Kids originated there so you can rest assured that the leading experts in the field are training your kids!

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